Swedish Steam Association

This site is focused primarily on steam technology from the heyday of the reciprocating steam engine. Steam boilers, suitable for launches of approxomately 5 to 10 meter length (15 to 30 feet)


Steam boilers, suitable for launches of approxomately 5 to 10 meter length (15 to 30 feet). The steam boiler “Vaporcita” is a vertical fire tube boiler. The exterior is traditional, but the boiler is manufactured, fully welded under current legislation for pressure vessels, and furnished with complete certification under EU Pressure vessel directive, PED, as a “Shell boiler” in accordance with EN 12953. The boiler, of modular design, is available in sizes up to 60 kW output, with allowable working pressure 8 or 13 bar, saturated or superheated steam. As a standard the furnace is designed for wood firing; adaption to alternative fuels on request.

Unlike the internal combustion engine, steam engines (similar to the Stirling engine) work with external combustion. The steam engine is powered by water vapor produced in a steam boiler that is heated by the combustion of fuel in a fireplace arranged below, next to or inside the boiler.

Coal vapor machines are today in operation only for cultural-historical reasons, for example in steamboats, and the boilers are then usually fired with oil, coal or wood. This is what we are passionate about, and create your own steam art according to the prototypes that we can manufacture according to  your needs.

Here some examples of what we do:
Boiler fittings

Boiler fittings are offered, including certification for use under EU PED for steam plants. Water level gauges, safety valves, stop valves and feed check valves in steam launch sizes are normally in stock. Larger sizes and other types may be supplied on request.

Manometers, made in Sweden, with standard ranges are normally in stock. The manometers are of a traditional type from about year 1900, manufactured using the same tools as was then used. The range of the scale is as standard either 0 to 16, or 0 to 25 bar. Housing in cast brass, diameter 100 millimetres, flanged at back, connection 1/2” downwards. Alternatives may be supplied on request.






Boiler water treatment

Chemicals for treatment of boiler water are offered, as well as dosing instructions and suitable, simple to use test equipment. The chemicals are selected, based on well proven combinations, specially adapted to open steam cycles, where no or little condensate is returned to the boiler.


It should be noted that this chemical treatment, however effective in traditional boilers, came out of use during the gradual technological developments to ever higher boiler pressures. It is best suitable for boilers working well below 20 bar. In closed systems, where the exhaust steam is condensed and re-used, the chemicals work equally well, at a much lower cost, compared to modern chemical treatment programmes.

Industrial Services

Expert competence is offered within a variety of fields, including but not restricted to. Calculations on for example steam engines and boilers, their sizes, expected normal capacities (powers, flows, areas etcetera) Advice on adjustments of Engines, including steam distribution events, valve gears etcetera.

Advice on suitable main dimensions of boilers, Engines and propellers Advice on repairs on historic boilers to current legislations Advice on repairs of steam Engines.  Advice on maintenance, including maintenance schemes, on boilers, steam Engines, and complete plants, etcetera, to e.g. the SOLAS convention with ISM code.




Our competecies

Our competencies and experiences incorporate, amongst others
Steam Boiler Operation

Practical experience from steam boiler operation, maintenance and repair (to class requirements)

Steam Engine Reparation

Practical experience from steam Engine operation, maintenance and repair (to class requirements)

Marine steam reciprocating Engines​

Practical experience from Marine steam reciprocating Engines, Marine steam Turbine, and Marine Motor Plants, including Operation, Maintenance and Economy, as sea going Chief Engineer

Marine steam reciprocating Engines​

Experience from Marine Classification work, as exclusive surveyor to Lloyd´s Register of Shipping

Design of pressure vessels

Design of pressure vessels, including steam boilers, to various standards. Academic degree (B Sc) in Marine Engineering

Academic degree

Academic degree (Ma Sc) in Chemical Engineering, Combustion Technology